Skills & Services: Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation / Facilitation
Digital/online capabilities with Zoom; Analog chart capture in room; Mural & Miro online spaces

Raven Tahara has worked as a graphic designer for 25 years and discovered graphic recording in 2008 at the IFVP Conference in Chicago. Raven began learning ToP facilitation methods in 2010, and in 2013 began doing graphic recording with the Kolbe Company in the Sacramento region. She has brought her ability to distill the essence of things with her symbolic sight to several forms of visual practice—graphic recording, graphic facilitation, and SoulPrints, an offering she perfected while living on Maui, HI. [To see examples of SoulPrints, visit: http://raventahara.com/galleries/soulprint-gallery/]

Currently, Raven has completed her Certified ToP Facilitator designation with ICA, and is trained in Focused Conversation, Consensus Workshop, Action Planning, and Strategic Planning Methods. This grasp of the underlying structure of effective meetings has enabled Raven to be an even more effective graphic recorder/facilitator. She is a tremendous asset to any facilitation team. Currently Raven assists in teaching Graphic Facilitation methods to beginners in Sacramento.

Raven's work has taken her to boardrooms, retreat centers, and conference rooms around the United States, including Washington, DC, Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, San Francisco and Los Angeles CA. She is based in Sacramento, California. To see more of Raven's work, visit: http://drawyouout.com.


Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Illustration, Facilitation: ToP Methods (Consensus Workshop, Action Planning), Facilitation: ToP Methods (Strategic Planning)


Non-Profits, Medical, Government