Described as a “sense-maker”, Rebecca is an unstoppable creative, whose passion for education and communication finds her producing creative content for the needs of both national and international clients.

For the past 10 years, Rebecca Osborne has worked as a graphic recorder or live visual artist.  Working at events and conferences, she captures the key messages of the event live on a huge piece of paper.  The finished visual becomes a focus point for the audience, allowing further conversation, reflection, and interaction.

Rebecca also works for clients remotely.  Using technology to aid in the creation of visual transcriptions to support both live and recorded online events and meetings. 

Seeing their words and ideas being captured visually makes contributors feel heard and valued.  Using visual language enhances understanding and learning, and provides access and a proven pathway to understanding more complex content and themes.  It benefits audiences of all ages and abilities.

Bespoke animations and artworks linked to the themes, and digitised images from the work produced, are shared on client websites and social media channels to drive engagement, and further extend the conversation on a global stage.  The finished work can also be used in a variety of ways, including physical media such as postcards and posters, to magazine articles, online editorials, animations and website content.

Rebecca has worked with clients in many different sectors from business to technology, science and education.  Recent work includes a variety of graphic recordings, illustrations and animations for the NHS, World Energy Council, Local Government and the Natural History Museum.  


Graphic Recording - paper in person, Graphic Recording - digital in person, Graphic Recording - virtual, Graphic Recording - hybrid (with full tech team), Graphic Facilitation, Digital redraw and assets, Animated time lapse, Archival prints, Rich Pictures, Illustration, Infographics, Animation


Live Graphic recording