Ruth Wieder operates at the intersection of collaboration, creativity and curiosity. Grounded deeply in both visual and design thinking, she brings over twenty years of experience in art, design and communications to her current work as a Visual Strategist. At the core of her work is helping her clients to draw out different outcomes to help foster growth and visualize change.

Wieder focuses on strategy first and making a memorable drawing second. As an experienced business consultant specializing in not-for-profit, culture and economic development sectors, she looks and listens for the key ideas, sticky problems and unseen connections. Her work is to show clients their own work in ways that they haven’t necessarily seen before. The goal is to produce a business tool that helps garner support for new ideas, commemorate initiatives and fosters a greater understanding of our clients’ work both internally and externally.



Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Information Visualization, Digital Graphic Recording


Digital Graphic Recording