Sabine works as a flow-architect. she is the founder and owner of CoCreativeFlow, a strategic consultancy that connects a diverse set of disciplines around leadership, collaboration and change through the principle of living systems. Bringing nearly 30 years of professional experience to the field, working since 2006/2007 as graphic recorder/graphic facilitator and OD consultant.


People appreciate my capacity to enlarge “the space” by growing bigger pictures of systems and fields where everyone can contribute. I’m a strategic thinker and lifelong learner. In my toolbox you will find a mix of innovative dialogue, project and visualization methods for small and large groups, onsite and online, as well as in hybrid spaces. All of my work is informed by the triad of Clarify, Co-create, and Nourish the system (and all parts involved).  Working with people across sectors (private, public and NGOs) around Europe in English, German and Italian.

What pulls me toward the IFVP Board? A huge appreciation and gratitude for this vibrant global community. What do I bring to the board as a director? I love to connect people. For me it’s always a magic moment when we create together common understanding and meaning and transform this into practical results. So - how can we connect in this great mix of artists, consultants, facilitators, graphic designers and illustrators around the visual practices even more? What is needed right now in these turbulent times on a global level? How can we learn from each other? 



Graphic Facilitator, Visual Consultant, Graphic Recording


German, English and Italian