Sandra Bach has a background in communication design (Halle/Germany & Luzern, CH) and is working as a freelance designer, illustrator and art-director: for companies, foundations and NGOs as well as for German children's televison series (KiKa and ZDF). Sandruschka is an experienced workshop leader with a focus on graphic recording. Also, she is currently continuing her education as moderator (at Neuland Partners) and business coach for human resources development.

"I am passionate about social responsibility, children, learning, education, social change, politics, creative processes, unique and unusual ideas, dynamic and goal-oriented approaches to uncomplicated solutions."

"My favorite tools to display graphic facilitation and graphic recording are easels or graphic walls. I'm proficient in designing on an iPad and other digital tools, but loves to go analog."

Trust is good...certificates are better:

Online Trainer [Inga Geisler]

Business Trainer [SP Consulting Jena]

Moderator for change and innovation strategies [Neuland Partners]

Expert in Flipchartdesign [Stift und Seil Berlin]





SANDRUSCHKA is based in Weimar/Germany and consists of a wonderful, energetic team and Mrs. Sandra Bach (CEO). YOU CAN CHECK OUT NUMEROUS REFERENCES AND COLLABORATIONS ON THE WEBSITE AND OUR SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS                                                                                              


DESIGN: freelance communication design, art-director, illustration, graphic design, animation, exhibition design, GRAPHIC RECORDING: digital or analog, INNOVATION: inhouse-training, visual workshops, consulting, moderation training, DIGITALIZATION: webinars on digital tools, corporate communication and visual design


graphic recording


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