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I am passionate about using graphic recording and visual notes to help people increase engagement, connection and clarity in organizations, education and beyond.  I have had the privilege to be an art educator for 20+ years and have incorporated visual note taking and graphic recording into my classroom and have supported organizations in conversations around change, visioning and building trust.

My incurable curiosity led me to pursue graphic recording when I stumbled up Mike Rohde’s Sketchnote Handbook in 2014.  As I learned more about the field and benefits of both visual note taking and graphic recording on comprehension, recall and connection, the teacher in me continued to ask, “Why aren’t we teaching this in schools?!”

I began teaching my art students to sketchnote, talked at anyone who would listen about the brain research around using visuals to increase comprehension and started graphic recording any meeting I attended. I have spoken at several educational conferences and have made it my mission to get visual note taking into the hands of teachers and students as a visual thinking and learning tool with unlimited potential. 

I love helping groups vision, brainstorm, connect and clarify using graphic recording. Let’s create something together!


Graphic Recording, Visual Practitioner, Educator


Education, Social Justice & Equity, Inclusion