Hi, I'm Sherrill.

I work to create a better world by using visuals to uplift and amplify generative, inclusive, and transformative work being done in community.

As a graphic recorder, I use images and text to capture the heart of your conversations, presentations, keynotes, meetings, and brainstorming sessions. Wherever people gather to share ideas. I help increase engagement, clarity, communication, and connection in your organization through listening, synthesizing, and drawing out the conversation in the room.


I have been a lifelong doodler and drawer in the margins. My background is in Studio Art/Art Education and I have a Master of Arts in Teaching. Insatiable curiosity as well as my love of drawing and listening led me to pursue graphic recording in 2014. As I learned more about the field of visual practitioners and the benefits of using visuals to enhance comprehension, recall, and connection, the teacher in me kept wondering, "Why aren't we teaching this in schools and beyond?!" My first foray into graphic recording was at faculty meetings and I knew right away that I would become an advocate for visual meetings from then on! Visuals help us connect on a human level and can change the energy in a room when all voices are heard and reflected in the drawings.

I love leading workshops on visual note-taking, visual literacy, and graphic recording and am passionate about empowering others to think, work, and communicate visually.

My passion is supporting organizations that are having conversations around generative and transformative change, visioning, connection, building trust, and gaining clarity. Visuals bring creativity, warmth, and humanity to virtual and in-person meetings. My work is informed by an inclusive, social justice lens and I work with individuals and organizations to create a better, more just world.

Let’s work together to amplify your impact and create positive change!

“When we truly listen to one another we are made more by the story we share.”
— Sherrill Knezel


Graphic Recording, Illustration, Visual Practitioner, Educator


Education, Social Justice & Equity, Inclusion