I am a visual practitioner who specializes in graphic facilitation, graphic recording and graphic engagement.

I am passionate about co-creating spaces that support individuals and groups engaged in socially innovative process work. I use graphic techniques to deepen engagement and learning at meetings, workshops and conferences. These graphic techniques make events more inclusive, interactive, and memorable, helping participants integrate their learning, problem solve, make decisions and cultivate calls to action. The artifacts we create serve as a bridge to the future – a springboard that keeps the energy and action flowing post-event.

Previous to this visual work I was a marketing and communications specialist with 15+ years of experience with information technology, retail, nonprofits and small businesses.


– Graphic facilitation to co-lead groups in process work

– Graphic recording or sketchnoting during planning meetings, keynote presentations​, facilitated ​dialogues and panel discussions

– Graphic recording and graphic engagement to co-create a visual summary with participants (making events more inclusive and interactive)

– Custom charts and infographics to set the tone for meeting spaces and to communicate what is essential


– Fundamentals of Working Visually with Christina Merkely of Shift-It Coach, 2016-2017

– Graphic Recording 101 at the International Forum for Visual Practitioners Annual Conference, 2017

– bikablo akademie visual facilitation workshop with bikablo akademie and hosted by Brandy Agerbeck, 2017

– Graphic Facilitation for Evaluators with Brandy Agerbeck and ¡MKE Evaluators!, 2018

– Visual Practice Workshop with Kelvy Bird, 2018 

– Principles of Graphic Facilitation, The Grove, 2018

– The Agerbeck Method, Brandy Agerbeck, 2019–Present (In progress!)


– Journey of Facilitation & Collaboration with Living Giving Enterprises, 2018


– International Forum for Visual Practitioners

– University of Wisconsin's Focus on Facilitation Community of Practice

– Visual Practice Co-Lab, Madison, WI


– Bachelor in Science in Spanish Literature, University of Wisonsin - Milwaukee

– Master's Certificate in Sustainablity Leadership & Social Innovation, Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin


Graphic facilitation, Graphic recording, Graphic engagement


Utilizing graphic facilitation, recording and engagement techniques to create visual summaries and collective art pieces to make events more inclusive, interactive, and memorable – this helps integrate learning and cultivate calls to action!


English, Beginner Spanish