Hi all - I call myself a research artist. I got here by way of a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, a Masters in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and am currently working towards a Masters Degree in Conflict and Peace Practices at the University of Baltimore.
My main medium is animation and my work weaves art, ideas, philosophy, complexity science, story-telling, and user experience into videos that put sense-making into service.  My passion for exploring the tensions between theory and practice informs my use of narrative, metaphor, motion, and music to document the insights and puzzles of groups learning together. In collaboration with clients, I facilitate teams and organizations in making sense of both the frustration and fulfillment of collaborative work by articulating and deepening shared knowledge.

It was my growing fascination with the complexity of individual, group, and organizational change efforts that inspired me return to graduate school back in 2010 to learn about learning through the lenses of neuroscience, biology, adult development, and social psychology.  In the subsequent years, I have collected a treasure trove of theoretical models and frameworks as well as generative practices (such as graphic facilitation) that inform my animations and my explorations with groups.

I do quite a bit of pro-bono work in social justice issues and the links to merch site and patreon are one way to keep that sustainable.



Animation, research, script-writing, concept visualization, narrative visualization, Strategic sensemaking, Facilitation


Motion graphics, Aftereffects, Strategy, Story editing