Sunny BenBelkacem is a graphic recorder, graphic facilitator, and facilitator of work processes that foster group genius, collaboration, co-creation and innovation. Sunny immerses herself in content and synthesizes the flow of information to create compelling visual stories and summaries. The results is a visual communication that creates an artifact of a moment in time, captures participation, tracks conversation flow, aids in group sense-making, synthesizes, organizes, and connects information, explains systems and processes, and captures key themes, insights, decisions, and actions.

Since 1998, Sunny has captured visuals for sense-making, documenting, brainstorming, proto-typing, explaining, simulating and thinking out complex business problems with facilitation teams at Ernst & Young, Cap Gemini, Accenture, PwC, Deloitte, Matter Group, The Value Web, ImageThink, Ink Factory, Collective Next, Kingman Ink, Integral Leadership and Coaching, 8 Works Consulting, Dpict, and other leaders in the facilitation and coaching industry serving clients like Kellogg School of Management, Abbvie, Michelin, Excelon, Google, Yahoo, Cisco Systems, SAS, Kraft, World Economic Forum, UNICEF, JP Morgan Chase, Mastercard, Chicago Public Schools, and Genpact.

Sunny possesses a keen understanding of business and client service. In her 20 years in the facilitation industry, she also been a: project manager, program manager, account manager, data analyst, knowledge manager, events planner, graphic designer, and creative director.


Graphic Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Facilitation, Workshop agenda design, Workshop environmental graphics