Susi is a visual thinker who inspires creativity and co-creation in others. Susi works with groups to become collaboration champions, while visually reflecting their conversations, key insights and processes so that participants can untangle complexity, see the whole and connect the dots toward valuable opportunities. Over the course of an engagement she works to help upskill the teams co-creation capacity, while building the visual story that is emerging from the group. She then works with teams to co-create visual frameworks that encourage ongoing strategic collaboration and innovation. 

Susie’s work has been used to: clarify research and unearth insights; create interactive user scenarios and stakeholder landscapes; identify service and strategic opportunities; improve collaboration and facilitate diverse stakeholder groups toward aligned action. 

A dual US/UK citizen, Susi blends US and European innovation techniques and technologies to support ongoing team growth and learning as they face ever-changing, complex needs.  Her clients have included Disney, Cisco Systems, UNICEF, University of Cambridge, Cranfield School of Management among others.  




Learning Design and Delivery , Visual Recording and Facilitation, Design Thinking Consultant , Mentor and Trainer


Team and Leadership Vision & Strategy Co-Creation, Customer or Audience Research and Insight Visualization, Experience Mapping, Diagnosis and Strategic Recommendations, Engaging Teams & Communities in Meaningful Dialogue