Our Manifesto:
Every one of us thrives from a deeper understanding of the constantly changing environment in which we live and work. Visual communication has the power to shape our ideas, create mutual understanding, and change the way we live, learn and work. Individuals, teams and organisations are enabled to reach their higher potential, and together we will achieve amazing things.

You, our client, is at the centre of everything we do. Our partnership enables you to:

> Win new clients where your competition can't
> Create conditions for memorable conversations
> Enable others to understand and know
> Put your people in the picture

The Inky Thinking team offers a breadth of skills including graphic recording, animated video production, customer experience mapping, rich picture design, illustrated photography and infographic design. Inky Thinking showcases a variety of illustrative styles, all drawn together by consistently high quality.

Call the Inky Thinkers on +44 333 567 2121 or e-mail hello@inkythinking.com.


Graphic Recording, Animated Video Production, Rich Picture Design, Infographic Design, Illustrated Photography, Customer Experience Mapping, InkyJam Visual Facilitation Workshop, Individual coaching