Tricia Conyers is change coach, learning experience designer, trainer, facilitator, meeting designer and graphic recorder. She is passionate about navigating the experiences of change, making learning experiences powerful, making conversations visual and helping others solve problems by unlocking their best thinking.  


Tricia has over 2 decades of experience in change.  As a change leader, agent and consultant she has delivered and supported multiple change programs across industries that help teams to achieve result breakthroughs in their day to day performance and shifts in their behaviors and limiting beliefs. As a coach and trainer of change, Tricia has been the architect of a change methodology based on the fundamentals of collaboration, co-creation, empathy and engagement. She has also been both the content designer and the experience facilitator for multiple change and leadership development programs that build capacity and capability in others.


Additionally, Tricia is a well practiced learning experience designer.  She designs and facilitates learning experiences (meetings, workshops, training) based on the fundamental belief that the learning experience is the intervention to unleash the latent capacity and higher potential within the participants. These blended events are powerful, visual, playful and experiential in design. They prioritize building connections, deepening craft and strengthening confidence with appropriate amounts of content.  Tricia believes that collaboration generates new thought and innovation, that failures are pivotal learning moments and that true learning emerges from a full immersive and inclusive experience.


Meetings serve different purposes from communication to collaboration, performance management to decision-making and learning to creating and innovating. Each requires different protocols (in-person and virtual), facilitation styles, levels of engagement and overall design. Tricia is a meeting designer, with decades of experience designing for intent. She brings to her sessions a wide range of facilitation techniques and skills, she is a Certified Virtual Facilitator (CVF), a Certified Master Facilitator (CMF) with INIFAC, a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator and a Twenty One Toys Empathy Toy® Facilitator.


Tricia is the founder of Island Inspirations Ltd., a visual thinking, creativity sparking, graphic recording and facilitation company. She strives to be a flexible leader, bringing out the creativity in others. She believes that leaders should personify showing Heart, being Human and inspiring Hope in their interactions with others.


Tricia holds a Masters of Engineering (MET Tripos), Masters of Arts and Bachelor of Arts with Honors from Cambridge University, England.  She is a lifelong learner and holds numerous other course certificates in facilitation, virtual facilitation, graphic facilitation, design thinking and coaching.  She makes her home with her family in the island of Trinidad and enjoys traveling, pilates and photography.    


Graphic recording, Graphic facilitation, Workshop Facilitation, Learning Experience Design, Meeting Design and Facilitation, Change Management