Hey there!!  I'm visual storyteller who uses graphics, illustration and animation to tell compelling business stories and engage audiences large or small.  I'm a Brit based in Spain for the last 22 years and I work in both English and Spanish. I graduated with a degree in textile design a very long time ago when everything was still analogue, and then took a twenty year detour and found myself in sales in various multinational companies in the UK and Spain. About seven years ago I came full circle when I discovered the world of graphic facilitation. I realised that this would be a great way of combining my creative skills with my business experience and my need to communicate everything visually. I honed my digital skills and got heavily into visual narrative and it's these skills that I draw upon (excuse the pun!) most when helping clients.

My secret weapons are speed and storytelling and I also have a strong eye for colour and form (that’s the textile bit), I am quick to pick up on concepts and turn them into a narrative. Explainer Animations are my thing. I love the whole process, of taking a germ of an idea and building it into a story and then seeing the whole thing come to life on the screen.

I also love sharing my skills; teaching people how to use visual thinking in business to aid communication and work more efficiently.


Illustration, Graphic Recording, Animation, Digital illustration training, Animation training


English, Spanish