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Idea Ink is a leading visual consultancy in Asia, specialising in live visual summaries (graphic recording) and interactive infographics.

By summarising dense content into live visuals, we transform

  • noise into insight,
  • distraction into engagement,
  • and complex ideas into simple stories.

We graphic record anytime, anywhere - whether remotely for virtual events, or with digital and physical tools at live events around the world.

We also create hand-drawn infographics and animated explainer videos that help clients achieve their intended purposes, as well as murals to liven up physical spaces!

In addition, we are making our hand-drawn infographics interactive with our Art x Tech solutions! Online content can be turned into immersive interactive web stories, and physical experiences can be enhanced with augmented reality (AR) and interactive walls


Graphic Recording (Remote, Digital, Physical) , Hand-drawn Infographics , Interactive Web Infographics , Murals , Animated Videos , Interactive Infographics (Augmented Reality, Interactive Walls, Virtual Reality), Sketch Robotics , Visual Intelligence Workshops


English, Mandarin