An accidental CEO, Yee Hui started Idea Ink as an experiment in combining art and story-telling with business, and now, technology. With a career of illustrating ideas in real-time over 7 years, she has built a prestigious business serving diverse clients. A passionate dilettante, she enjoys diverse topics ranging from food science to aesthetics. Besides illustration and design, she is also a skilled writer in English and Mandarin.

Yee Hui is the recipient of the Young Achiever award at The Special Event Asia 2019. In July 2020, she was featured in the inaugural issue of WOMAN by The Edge Singapore, which celebrates extraordinary women in various industries. 


Idea Ink is a leading visual consultancy in Asia, specialising in live visual summaries (graphic recording) and interactive infographics.

By summarising dense content into live visuals, we transform

  • noise into insight,
  • distraction into engagement,
  • and complex ideas into simple stories.

We graphic record anytime, anywhere - whether remotely for virtual events, or with digital and physical tools at live events around the world.

We also create hand-drawn infographics and animated explainer videos that help clients achieve their intended purposes, as well as murals to liven up physical spaces!

In addition, we are making our hand-drawn infographics interactive with our Art x Tech solutions! Online content can be turned into immersive interactive web stories, and physical experiences can be enhanced with augmented reality (AR) and interactive walls


Graphic Recording (Remote, Digital, Physical) , Hand-drawn Infographics , Interactive Web Infographics , Murals , Animated Videos , Interactive Infographics (Augmented Reality, Interactive Walls, Virtual Reality), Sketch Robotics , Visual Intelligence Workshops


English, Mandarin